Return Policy & Return Procedures

Refund Policy

  • Expired Products

    For any expired products, a full product refund will be given. Have to send the product image with the expiry date showing, order no, and the invoice of the order.

  • Damaged/Spilled/Rotten Products

    If any product is damaged or spilled or rotten a full refund for the product will be given. Have to send the product/package image showing the problem, order no, and the invoice of the order.

  • Missing Items

    For any missing items complaints have to send an image showing the delivery package image with delivered items, Physical Invoice image, and order number. We will do an investigation for the dispatched order. After investigation, we will refund full for the missing products.

Complaint Timeframe:

Customers are required to file complaints within the following timeframe for specific items:

  1. Vegetable & Meat Items: Complaints regarding the quality or condition of vegetable and meat items must be filed within 2 to 3 days from the date of delivery. Customers are required to provide detailed information about the damage or quality issues along with relevant images within this timeframe.
  2. Other Items: For all other items, complaints about damaged, expired, missing, or defective products must be reported within 7 days from the date of delivery. Customers are expected to provide clear images and relevant order details when filing a complaint.

Refund Procedures

  1. If your payment was made with Credit Card the refund will be processed to the credit card. A 3.6% processing fee will be applied if the refund is requested by the customer. If a refund is issued by us for missing products, product refunds there will be no processing charge. Card Refund can take anywhere from 5~10 business days to show up on a customer’s bank account
  2. Refunds issued as Gold Points(Website Points) will be added to customers’ accounts on our website. Points can be used to order anything from the website. Points refund can take anywhere from 1~3 business days to show up on the customer’s account. Customers’ email which is used to order on the website has to be given.

Note:Refund requests via JP Post Cash Card can take anywhere from 5~10 business days to issue. Customers have to send the JP Post Cash Card Number, and Clear Image to us via the complain form with the order number and refund request.

Order Cancellation

  1. You must notify us immediately if you decide to cancel your order, preferably by email, or messenger, and quote your order number.

  2. Once an order has been dispatched from our store the order can’t be canceled and the customer has to take liability.

  3. We may cancel an order due to product unavailability, price variance, or for any other reason. We will notify you if this is the case and return any payment that you have made.

Shipping Related

  • Tracking

    After an order is dispatched from our store a Tracking URL will be sent to the customer via email. The tracking info is usually updated after 2~10 hours after it’s dispatched. You can click the link there directly to track or use JP Post or Sagwa tracking service to track your parcel.

  • Delivery Delays

    Sometimes there may be some delivery delays depending on the operation handling, unforeseen circumstances, or Delivery Partner operation delays. We don’t have control over them in most cases. You can check the tracking URL for accurate updates and contact the Postal service or reach us by email for updates.

  • Re-Delivery/ Re-Schedule

    In case you missed the delivery you can request a re-delivery directly by JP Post Redelivery form: Click Here. Or contact us to reschedule delivery. In case of re-delivery if the products get bad we won’t be liable for that.

  • Estimated Delivery Time

    Check the estimated delivery days from JP Post. Check the Yu-Pack delivery time

    Sender Postal Code: 5150818

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